2014 in the Rearview Mirror

All our 2014 Feature articles gathered in one place

Feature--2014-roundupWe know your inbox is bulging, and we sympathize.  Everyone wants your email attention, but let’s face it… most of it is just not worth the pixels it’s printed on.  We know that if we want you to keep reading our newsletter then it has to be worth your attention, so we try to make it as interesting as we possibly can.  There’s no way to know what to expect each month, so the best way to tell you what’s ahead for 2015 is to tell you what went behind in 2014.  With that in mind, please join us in looking back at all our Feature articles from last year.  We know you won’t like everything, but you’re bound to like something and we hope you’ll agree that it is all well worth your attention.  Happy 2015!RestOfNewsletter


2013 in Review– All our Feature Articles from 2013.

Referral Reward Program– Introduced our way of saying “thanks” for your support

XRAY-FM an introduction to Portland’s newest Progressive radio station.

Jan14 Feature Look backJan14-Feature--Referall-RewardsJan14-Feature-XRAY





Is Big Brother your co-pilot?– Security and privacy concerns with the next generation of vehicle diagnostic systems.

DoD catalogs hundreds of pages of ethical lapses–  The Defense Department outlines stories of things gone wrong to help employees do things right.

Portland Teacher’s fight–  Both sides of the February Teacher’s Union battle.

FeatureBigBroCopilot FeatureEthicalLapses FeatureUnionThug





Response to Yelp Older car policy–  A bad Yelp review gave us another chance to explain why we have a “1998-and-newer” policy (for new clients).

3rd year at Inner City Blues Fest–  We let you know about the Inner City Blues Fest in support of Single-Payer Health Care.

XRAY opens–  We visit the studios and meet the people behind the new XRAY-FM.

Robotic Service Advisors– What happened when we experimented with Robotic Service Advisors instead of our friendly and helpful human ones.

FeatureCarSnobs Feature--Healthcare Feature--XRAY Robot-at-counter





You love the Grid– The Man is fighting against new generations of energy.  Here’s how.

Dirty Truth about Fuel Injectors–  How these critical components work, and how to care for them.

Report back from Blues Fest–  We had a great time, and we told you about it.

Feature--The-Man Feature--Injectors Feature--Blues






Thom Hartmann event–  Progressive rock star Thom Hartmann was in town, and we were there

Latest climate change report–  Unbiased information to understand climate change

Referral Reward Spotlight– Meet our first Quarterly Award winner, Artichoke Music

Feature--Hartmann-Report Feature--Climate-Change Feature--Artichoke-Music-Button





Single Payer Healthcare study–  We told you how to help support Single Payer in Oregon

Oregon and Washington road trips–  Great suggestions for summer getaways in our area

Protecting your summer vacation–  How to make sure your vehicle is ready for any summer plans

Feature-Dr.Sam Feature-Vacations Feature-ComeInNow





48 glimpses of things to come–  We brought you fascinating glimpses of the technology that will amaze us and bore our grandchildren

Sellwood Concerts return–  Why you should be excited about the FREE Sellwood Concerts

Synthetic oil–  Good for you, your planet, your vehicle, and your pocketbook

FeatureFuture Feature-Concerts FeatureSynthetic





Car of the future winners–  Kids visions of the future of transportation

Sellwood Bridge Tour–  A behind-the-scenes photo essay as the bridge passes 50% completion

Physician, heal thy friends-  Tom’s response to a friend with car problems

Feature- Future Cars Feature--Bridge-Article Feature--Tom-Advice





Right to be pacified–  Police militarization in the wake of Ferguson

Yes on GMO Labeling–  We took a stand that you should know what’s in your food.  Voters disagreed, but by only a very small margin.

Abusive court fines–  Justice bows to profit as communities use their court system as cash cows

Feature- Mil Police Feature 2- GMOs Feature- Corrupt Courts






Get Ready for winter–  Essentials to get your vehicle prepped for the cold weather

What is a brownfield–  Financial help to clean up toxic eyesores in your neighborhood

On time and on budget over 98% of the time–  We blow our own horn a little (with good reason!)

Feature-WinterDriving-button Feature- Brownfields Feature- OnTarget





Veterans Day–  A reminder of our obligations to the people who protect us

Legalized it (What now?)–  What’s next now that pot is legal in Oregon?

How we find out what’s wrong with your car–  Understanding our repair process benefits you

Feature-VetDay Feature-91Pot 2 Feature-KnowYourCar






Stories we didn’t have time to share with you–  Roundup of stories that we’d been sitting on

Getting to the heart of the matter–  The underlying issues of Ferguson and beyond

Who are the folks behind the counter–  Meet our ASE-certified, salaried Service Advisors

Feature1- BraveFilms Feature1- Catchup Feature-ServAdv

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