Knowledge Is Power… GRAB SOME!

In 2017 we shared these insidFeature- Insider tips 2er tips to get the absolute most value from our service…

If you’re used to dealing with Dealerships (or even other independent shops) you’ve probably developed strategies for getting no-BS vehicle service, but thousands of our satisfied clients will tell you we’re not like any other shop you’ve ever dealt with!  That’s why we built an in-depth resource at describing exactly how we’re different and how you can use those differences to your advantage.  We now send a brochure with the high points to every new client (ask your Service Advisor for a copy if you haven’t seen one).RestOfNewsletter

You won’t need your tricks with us, but there are still ways to make our services even more effective and convenient for you and help you squeeze every useful mile from whatever vehicle you drive.  Knowledge is power, and we’re trying our best to put the power in YOUR hands… reach out and grab it!

This brochure has the high points from the “New Client Orientation” resource on our website.  (PLEASE ask for one on your next visit!)

Orientation brochue outsideFor the meat of the matter, you’ll really want to check the full web resource.  Everything’s outlined with bullet points and hyperlinks to relevant articles, and we’re adding material all the time.  You’ll find it all at  “How To Make Our Shop Features Work For You”

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