How to make our shop features work for you

How to make our shop features work for you

Orientation brochue outside

We’ve put together a brochure that hits many of the high points of our Client Orientation… download a PDF here!

We try our best to provide the best possible service experience, but we can’t do it alone… you play a huge role in your own satisfaction. The more you know about the way our shop works, the more value you can get from our services.  We’ve developed this page to give you insider tips to get the most value from our services AND your vehicle investment.

Start with clear ownership goals

Our services are most effective for responsible, self-aware vehicle owners.   This means you should…

  • be mindful of your vehicle’s performance
  • be generally conscious of your vehicle’s ongoing maintenance and repair needs
  • be sure of your plans and goals for vehicle ownership
  • make sure we know what your goals are!

Determining your ownership goals

How long do you want your car to last?

Calling for Estimates

Our Service Advisors are happy to provide general price information over the phone, but a precise estimate, one we can stand behind, depends on inspecting and diagnosing your vehicle to determine the exact services you’ll need.  You can use our over-the-phone numbers for guidance and comparison, but you can RELY on our estimates.

Calling for Estimates

Understanding the types of estimates

How much is a 60K service?

98.79% within estimate

Scheduling Your Appointment

We do work primarily on an appointment basis, but remember you never need appointments for breakdowns, emergencies, or minor services.  We have some tricks to make sure you get the service you want on the schedule you need…

How to schedule for your convenience

Can I wait for an oil change?

What we’ll ask about when you call

Saturday pickup and dropoff

Early Bird or After Hours pickup and dropoff

Checking in, Service, and Pickup

You’ve established your goals, identified your problem, and scheduled your appointment, so here’s what to expect from the time your vehicle arrives at our shop to the time you pick it up…

Early Bird or After Hours pickup and dropoff

Saturday pickup and dropoff

Vehicle storage and lock-out protections

What to expect when checking in

What to expect during service

98.46% on-schedule

What to expect when you pickup your vehicle

PRIORITIZED repair recommendations

After your vehicle is serviced

Between services

Transportation Options

It shouldn’t take three or four people to get a vehicle to the shop and back, so we offer several options for temporary transportation while your vehicle is with us.

Our FREE Courtesy Shuttle

In-shop car rentals

Bus and Mass Transit

Types of Inspections

The Auto Repair industry is full of “free inspections”.  “Deals” like free brake inspections, free safety inspections, or the classic “free multipoint inspection” abound.  In most cases these inspections are superficial or otherwise less-than-complete, but a sensible inspection program helps you understand your vehicle’s precise needs and priorities.

90-point inspection (surface level)

Comprehensive Inspection (deep level)

Post-Service Checkout

What makes a quality auto shop?

Since you’ve chosen our shop we hope you know about our qualifications, but here’s a little more detail about them and how they benefit you.  And, if changes in your life mean one day you find yourself in a new city far away, this will be a good guide to finding another shop you can trust.

What is a full-service shop?

Why qualified Technicians matter

What’s your Service Advisors’ motivation?

Our staff and their qualifications

Why is Blue Seal shop certification so important?

How to pick a quality shop

How our business is DESIGNED to protect your interests

You not only trust us with your vehicle, but with your hard-earned money and private information as well.  These are just some of the ways our business is built from the ground up to protect that trust.

Non- Commissioned Service Advisors

No Flat-Rate Technicians

24/24 Warranty

Electronic Communication

Vehicle storage and lock-out protections

Referral Reward Program

We hope you choose to take part in our unique Referral Reward Program, in which we make a donation to the non-profit group of your choice whenever anyone comes in because of your referral.  Groups are eligible for quarterly and yearly awards as well.

How our Referral Reward Program works

Who we’ve helped so far

Our Reviews

Our service means different things to different people. Hundreds of online reviews, video testimonials, reply cards, and more will tell you what’s important to the clients we’ve seen so far.

Meet some of our clients

Post-service feedback cards

Online reviews

Our BAD reviews

Environmental Awareness and Community Support

We don’t want to be just a company that’s in the neighborhood, we want to be a company that’s part of the community.  That means thinking and acting locally, regionally, and even globally.

Carbon Neutral Program

PPO Eco-Shop Certification

Our Referral Reward Program

Social and Political Groups

Neighborhood Involvement

Moneysaving Programs-  

We keep our prices as low as possible while still covering our expenses, so there’s very little room to offer discounts!  However, we do have occasional specials throughout the year.  We’ll keep you posted on those through email, and there is one page where we regularly update these changing offers.  We think a better way to save money is to participate in one of the moneysaving programs we created to not only stretch your repair dollars, but maximize their effectiveness at the same time…

Current Discount Offers

Carbon Neutral Program

Planned Maintenance Program

First-Time Client offer

Referral Reward Program

Individual Features

The points above are the most critical for your day-to-day service, but we have many other value-added services you should be aware of as well…

Why do we charge for diagnostic time?  If we’ve already “pulled the code” that’s making your check engine light flash, or if another shop has already told you what your problem is, then why do we still charge diagnostic time?  There are very, very good reasons…

New Vehicle Warranty Protection–  We can not only maintain your new vehicle’s factory warranty, but we may even be able to do a better job than the dealer.  We love helping you get your money’s worth by making sure “overlooked” warranty work doesn’t become a big bill for you later.

We have credit available–  We accept all major credit cards, but if you need additional credit for major repairs we have available credit through One Road Lending (O.A.C.) for purchases over $295.

Business Fleet Services–  Vehicles are one of the most critical parts of your business infrastructure, so why not consider Tom Dwyer Automotive to care for them?  We can take the burden of fleet management off your hands and keep your vehicles on the road where they belong… making money!

Facebook page– If you like our shop, then please “like” our Facebook page!  Just as with our newsletter, we try to give you more than automotive information.  Current news and commentary, environment, science, humor, and much more are just a click away!

Our Awesome Not-All-About-Cars Newsletter There’s much more to “Your Car Matters”, our shop newsletter, than automotive articles.  From newsletter-only specials to in-depth feature articles to diverse monthly columns, we think this created-in-house newsletter is one you’ll actually want to receive.  We call it “offbeat” but whatever adjective you settle on, we guarantee it’s one you won’t use for any other company newsletter!

Our Book and Bumper Sticker Library– One of the special features of our shop is our famous Book and Bumper Sticker Library.  Although everyone sees it as soon as they come in the lobby, even some of our long-term clients aren’t aware that it’s a lending library, and that we encourage you to check out anything that strikes your fancy.