A Look Back At 2015


We never get tired of saying it… our company newsletter, “Your Car Matters“, is not like any other newsletter you’ve ever read. Tom’s philosophy on newsletters is simple: “How much do you want to read about bugs from your exterminator, or taxes from your accountant?”  We’re sure exterminators and accountants have interesting things to say about their fields, and we do too about automotive care, but if we expect to stay off your spam list we know we’ve got to give you more.  Our Feature articles do just that.  From politics and commentary to humor, science, current events and yes, even auto maintenance, you never know what will catch our editorial eye each month.  But if you want a taste of what to expect, take a look at all these stories our crack news department brought you in 2015…

Feature--2014-roundupFeature--MapsFeature--TPP-ReleasedFeature-CandyFeature- RobotsFeature--WarrantyFeature- ChangingGuardFeature--MercyKillersWeeknight at Bernie’s Our Reporter Goes Undercover At The July 29 House PartyFeature-HiroshimaIFR-article-pic-3Car of the Future Our Sellwood Park Concert winners Feature-2Feature-3Feature-1June-NL-Feature-1Feature-91Pot-2Electronic R-E-S-P-E-C-T What to expect from our electronic communicationsFeature- Scheduling v3Feature- Blues Fest articleFeature- SurpriseFeature- Jalopyyounger self 2new clients 2Feature- XRAY checkinanne 2Ref Rew 2What To Do In An Accident Prepare NOW before the inevitable happens Feature- Dirty TPPCarwash Coupon Season is going on NOW! Here's how it works and why we do itbridge-signage-buttonFeature--PrioritiesFeature--Moneysaving-programs



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