Flying Death Robots- What could possibly go wrong? This report tells us.

Feature- RobotsWhat strikes terror into the hearts of people in Somalia, Yemen, and Afghanistan?  The knowledge that unseen drones are ready to strike.  What strikes terror into the hearts of bureaucrats running a robotic death program?  The sound of a whistleblower.

A recent eight-part report by The Intercept centers on a classified 2013 Pentagon study of our drone program leaked by a RestOfNewsletterwhistleblower.  It reveals, among many other things, that we are conducting a “shadow war” in Africa, 90 percent of those killed by drone strikes in one 5-month period were not the intended targets, and that the military labels unidentified people killed in targeted strikes as “enemies killed in action”.  If you’re tired of the friendly zombies and happy ghosts this Halloween, settle in for Flying Robots of Death and be truly terrified…

Click here for the full report by The Intercept


Thankfully, there’s already been some response to the report…

Drone Papers Aftermath: ACLU Demands Secret Program Data;  Nadia Prupis on Common Dreams, Oct 2015

Snowden And Ellsberg Hail Leak Of Drone Documents From New WhistleblowerThe Guardian, Oct 2015

Most killed by US drones were not targeted: reportAl Jazeera, Oct 2015

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