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2017 December to 2018 January- Blog or PDF


Tom has hope after Dope… dim, dim, hope, but hope!   *   The Sun Finally Sets on 2017   *   Knowledge is POWER!   *   Our final Quarterly Referral Reward Winner of 2017   *   A Year of Critique About Our Boutique    *   Drew’s Reviewin’ What You Should Be Chewin’   *   Nothing’s More Important Than Your Health   *   A year of Jeers Sneers, and Cheers   *  Leading You To The Reading You’re Needing   *   All our 2017 Popcorn Shorts  *   News To Make You Furious 2017 Year of Rage On Just One Page

2017 Oct/Nov- Blog or PDF

Tom ponders an amazing 30 years in Sellwood   *   A look back at our first 30 years in Sellwood   *   Here’s what effective journalism looks like   *   Where the rubber meets the road   *   Drew’s Burger Bomb Sliders   *   Ken makes a client cry   *    The Health effects of Anniversaries   *  5 books to make you less stupid about the Civil War by Ta-Nehisi Coates   *   Anniversaries… the ultimate setup for jokes   *   How to mess with Nazis   *    Time runs out for Oregon Solar on Dec 31    *   You don’t own the worst car ever   *   News To Make You Furious-  Genocide, but don’t worry.  It’s just a small one.

2017 Aug/Sep- Blog or PDF

Tom wonders why anyone wouldn’t vote for Trump again?   *   We don’t do oil changes at Tom Dwyer.   *   A De-fishing story   *   Drew’s Cucumber and Celery Salad with Tuna   *   Certified Pre-Owned or Private Inspection?   *    Contest Winners   *    Man returns from coma   *  “Space and Ocean Exploration as an Alternative to the Military Industrial Complex” by Danny Quintana   *   Recognizing the IgNobelity with our own quiz   *   100 Reviews on Yelp   *   Cassini’s Greatest Hits   *    Healing from Portland’s Home Fire    *   How to tell if your car has flood damage   *   News To Make You Furious-  Watch out for Trolls.  They’ll get you… they got us!

2017 Jun/Jul- Blog or PDF

Tom sees threats… and solutions… in Sellwood   *   Can’t we All just get along?  No.  No we can’t.   *   Insider tips for the best Tom Dwyer Service   *   Our first Referral Reward Quarterly winner of 2017  *   Drew’s Quesadilla Burgers   *   A Client asks a very, very timely question   *    What are they building next door?    *    Does this country make my butt look big?   *  “Churchill and Orwell, the Fight for Freedom” AND our Bibliophile Quiz   *   Boy Scouts in the Trumpocracy PLUS Our first-ever Humorousness contest!   *   Attack of the Oregon Slime Eels   *   7 things to keep out of your recycling bin   *    Snake Island- Incredibly deadly, horribly real   *   News To Make You Furious- Jeff Sessions plays “Dukes of Hazzard” for real

2017 Apr/May- Blog or PDF

Tom thinks the Beginning of the End leaves unanswered questions   *   We Sang The Healthcare Blues… AND LOVED IT!   *   Examining Reality Without A License   *   Kris Kobach to Investigate Election Integrity… NOOO!   *   Drew’s Ahi Tuna Steaks with Thyme and Shallots   *   A Client Offers Their Thanks In Poetry PLUS Take Your Daughter To Tom Dwyer Day   *   No One’s Pretending VitaminWater Is Healthy… Anymore   *  “Stamped From The Beginning” AND “Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance   *   Tom Dwyer Supports Reality Studies  *   It’s Oregon… You NEED A Wedding Llama   *   Soviet visions of 2017   *      *   News To Make You Furious- Why We Needed A ‘March For Science’ In The First Place.

2017 Feb/Mar- Blog or PDF

Tom thinks it’s time to euthanize for-profit health care   *   The Best Turks are the Young Turks   *   Our $500 Referral Reward WINNER!   *   Should Business and Politics Mix?   *   Drew’s Chicken Portobello Lasagna   *   “In Our America” Signs   *   Pacifying the Digital Natives   *  “Dereliction of Duty” by HR McMaster   *   April Fools Pranks You’ll Absolutely Need  *   Keep Up As Portland Changes Around You   *   What Happens When We Don’t Believe the President’s Oath?   *      *   News To Make You Furious 2016 Buffet of Bile

2017 January- Blog or PDF


Tom can’t believe his lying eyes!   *   A last look back at 2016   *   The Sellwood Bridge is FINISHED!   *   Why we aren’t car snobs   *   Drew’s 2016 Kitchen Table   *   Voting for our Yearly Award Winner   *   The FINAL Sellwood Bridge Update   *  2016 Bookshelf Bonus selections   *   All our 2016 Popcorn Shorts  *   Learning from the Tea Party   *   Soviet visions of 2017   *      *   News To Make You Furious 2016 Buffet of Bile

2016 December- Blog or PDF

Tom thinks the Project for a New American Century folks are surprised   *   What’s That Chalk Mark On Your Tire?   *   The Coup You Never Knew   *   Drew’s Christmas Binge   *   Dave Gettmann Says Goodbye   *   Reasons To Enjoy Real Butter   *   The FINAL Sellwood Bridge Update   *”Why Americans Hate Politics” by EJ Dione   *   Christmas Lists   *   Pentagon buries $125 in Waste   *   A Portland 13-year-old to be proud of   *   The most incredible model trains in the world   *   Fukushima radiation reaches US shores   *   The News That Makes Us ALL Furious- PROPAGANDA!

2016 November- Blog or PDF

Tom wonders if the mail can save democracy?   *   Meet CNBSeen   *   Our Referral Reward Program Quarterly Award Winner   *   100 Ways To Make Your Life Better   *   Drew’s Ultimate Fried Chicken   *   A wordless comment?   *   For optimal health, savor life   *   “The Populist Explosion” by John Judis   *   Late Night elections   *   Carl Sagan on building bridges   *   Run your XBOX on water   *   The ultimate atlas of the weird and wonderful   *   Inside a nuclear fireball… with a stopwatch   *   Greg Palast’s “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy”

2016 September/October- Blog or PDF

Tom thinks we have to be smarter than Trump   *   Meet the Police we NEED   *   Are we too expensive?   *   Drew’s Grilled Corn with Cheese, Lime, and Chile   *   Eat what you’re told to… by the sugar industry   *   The Sellwood Bridge has been handed over to goats   *   “Hitler- Ascent, 1889-1939” by Volker Ullrich   *   SNL and the Presidential Debate   *   Perfect political stump speeches   *   How far can you drive on ’empty’?   *   Wells Fraudo

2016 August- Blog or PDF

Tom ponders the cost of Endless War   *   We’re very good at electric vehicles, and now we can prove it   *   Weighing our Presidential choices   *   2016 Concert Wrapup   *   Drew’s Fish Tacos   *   Comments from… cats   *   Stress, emotion, and disease   *   “The Making of Donald Trump” by David Cay Johnston   *   Cringeworthy album covers   *   Future predictions from 1900   *   The End of For-Profit Prisons?   *   The Dumbing Down of America

2016 July- Blog or PDF

Tom wonders about the Rule of Law   *   Peek Behind the Curtain- Our Post-Service Checkout   *   AngiesList goes FREE   *   Westwind- Oregon’s Summer Camp   *   Drew’s Perfect Picnic Menu   *   Insider trick for the Sellwood Concerts   *   New Prescription for Chronic Pain   *   Unmasking our own internal biases   *   The Conventions in Cartoons   *   Oregon’s Racist Past   *   Bernie introduces the Sanders Institute   *   Yes, you’re being plundered by the Banksters… but exactly how badly?

2016 June- Blog or PDF

Tom explains why Past is Prologue   *   Who Makes YOUR Service Recommendations?   *   Radical Shopping Therapy   *   The Powell Memo   *   Drew’s Scallop and Shrimp Kabobs   *   Referral Reward Quarterly Winner   *   Food Keeps You Alive… For Now   *   “Listen, Liberal” by Thomas Frank… with a BONUS   *   Goodbye to the Big Steel   *   Off-Grid Village   *   Remote-Control Shakedowns   *   SCOTUS Kills the 4th Amendment

2016 May- Blog or PDF

Tom takes a trip to the Fiscal Frontier   *   The Power Is In Your Hands   *   Red, Blue, and YOU   *   Drew’s Cucumber Celery Salad with Tuna   *   “Tom D.” has the Comment of the Month   *   Does Breathing Affect Your Diet?   *   “The Case For Mars” by Robert Zubrin   *   Trump… The Motion Picture   *   The Future Is Here… RUN!   *   Portland Schools Demand Science-Based Science Books   *   Puerto Rico in the Crosshairs

2016 April- Blog or PDF

Tom makes the BUSINESS case for Single Payer   *   When the Corporate Sludgepump’s not enough   *   Blazing Blues and Rational Healthcare   *   Drew’s Garlic Parmesan Baked Halibut   *   How much exercise is 1 calorie?   *   The naked Bridge   *   “War is a Racket” by General Smedley Butler   *   REAL political insults   *   Really, really tiny cars   *   The Primaries made simple   *   Life on the Edge… with everyone else

2016 March- Blog or PDF

Tom respects McDonnell’s devotion to Biden  *   John Oliver and Special Districts   *   Confessions of a Republican   *   Not All Fuels Are Created Equal   *   Drew’s Grandma’s Pot Roast    *   Big, Big Winners     *     Health Notes knows you better than you know yourself   *   “Pacific” by Simon Winchester   *   Laughs for when you’re stuck inside  *  Private subs and artificial islands  *  How dark is your personality  *  Scariest bridges in the world   *   Doubt is a disease.  Meet the carriers.

2016 February- Blog or PDF

Tom makes things easy for the pundits  *   Referral Reward Wrap-up   *   Everyone deserves more than Flat Rate pay   *   The Sellwood Bridge Grand Opening   *   Drew’s Sirloin and Parmesan Meatloaf    *   How your comments matter     *     Health Notes cures the common cold   *   “Deep State” by Mike Lofgren   *   Political Cartoons of the Campaign Season  *  Presidential Candidates in a bar fight  *  Keystone losers say US owes them $15 billion  *  15 new cars to avoid… and other car lists   *   Kiss Your Courts Goodbye

2016 January “Year In Review”- Blog or PDF


Tom lays out America’s choice  *   All our 2015 Feature articles   *   Keith’s 2015 Funny Page   *   Drew’s 2015 Feast    *   A Year of Yammering     *     Staying Fit in 2015   *   2015’s Pile of Publications   *   2015 Brought the Bridge Much Closer  *  2015’s Hoard of Hoodwinks  *  2015’s Big Bucket of Popcorn  *  2014’s Amalgam of Acrimony

2015 December- Blog or PDF

Tom sees the Common Sense of Donald Trump  *   Last-Minute Fantasy Shopping Guide    *    Where The Rubber Meets The Road    *    Our Most Unusual Clients    *    Drew’s Roast Prime Rib With Thyme Au Jus    *    Your Next Dashboard    *    This is how air pollution affects YOU    *    “The Dark Side” by Jayne Mayer    *    Elf jokes.  Yes, elf jokes.    *    DON’T Stay in School    *    50 Years of Charlie Brown Christmas     *   The Very Quiet Death of the Middle Class

2015 November- Blog or PDF

Tom wages a smarter response  *   How do we determine auto repair priorities?    *    Maps you never imagined    *    TPP released!    *    Drew’s Smoky ham and split pea soup    *    Yes, you DO have the right to repair your vehicle    *    This is what happens when you eat sugar    *    “Power, Faith, and Fantasy” by Michael Oren    *    You might be an Oregonian if…    *    All you need is duct tape    *    Best idea of the century!     *   Torture doesn’t go away if you ignore it

2015 October- Blog or PDF

Tom connects the dots  *   What evil lurks inside your car?    *    Flying Death Robots    *    Halloween Candy    *    Drew’s Speedy Shepherd’s Pie    *    New faces behind the desk    *    Democracy NOW featured authors    *    Humor from beyond the grave    *    The most evil app you’ll ever encounter    *    Evil troll unmasked    *    Time travel terror!     *   A truly frightening ghost story

2015 September- Blog or PDF

Tom updates “Cash for Kids”  *   Case of the Disappearing Clients    *    Mercy Killers    *    Changing of the Guard    *    Drew’s Goodbye Breakfast crab muffins    *    Our $200 Quarterly Award    *    “Superpower”    *    Hipster Barbie    *    Take a Tour of the Freakin’ SPACE STATION    *    The High Cost of Doing Nothing    *    Portland’s Zombie Apocalypse     *   We Don’t Take Kindly To Science ‘Round Here

2015 August- Blog or PDF

Tom compares apples and oranges  *   2015 Car of the Future    *    Weeknight at Bernie’s    *    Remembering Hiroshima    *    Drew’s Flank Steak Tacos with Avocado and Red Onion salad    *    Disease or Profit Center?    *    “Last Train from Hiroshima”    *    FOX news through history    *    Hiking and Biking the Oregon Coast    *    10 Craziest Physical Feats Accomplished with a Car    *    Vacation Vexation

2015 July- Blog or PDF

Tom’s ready for Green Job creation  *   Is the Devil in all of us?    *    Sellwood Park Concerts    *    Repair or Rent for Summer Vacation?    *    Drew presents Billy Joel’s Grilled Tuna & Marinated Cucumber Salad    *    Thanks for Voting!    *    Natural vs. Artificial Flavors    *    TRIVIA CONTEST- Which PDX bridges are earthquake rated?    *    “Big Weed” by Christian Hageseth    *    What your dash lights really mean    *    Bottling our Heritage

2015 June- Blog or PDF

Tom looks beyond the labels  *   Money Reigns in Oregon (guest article by Common Cause)    *    Electronic R-E-S-P-E-C-T    *    Carwash Coupon season is NOW!    *    Drew’s Bacon-Wrapped Corn on the Cob    *    Vote for Tom Dwyer!    *    Something’s Fishy    *    The view from down under    *    2 books shed light on the shadows    *    Logos gone bad    *    Revolving Door of Corruption

2015 May- Blog or PDF

Tom’s has some Trans-Pacific Tidbits  *   What it takes to build strong relationships with new clients    *    Wise charitable spending    *    Client celebrates 333,333    *    Drew’s Lemon Butter Dill Tilapia    *    2015’s First Quarterly Referral Reward    *    Recharging your gut    *    When will the Bridge be finished?    *    “A Fighting Chance” by Elizabeth Warren    *    White House Correspondents Dinner    *    Nothing makes us Furious

2015 April- Blog or PDF

Tom’s hearing more noise and less news  *   Inner City Blues Festival   *   Schedule Ahead For Timely Service   *   Tom Dwyer Exit From the Sellwood Bridge   *   Drew’s Garlic Butter Burgers   *   Meet Our New Health Reporter, Sarah Heidler   *   Sellwood Bridge’s Falling Concrete and Rising Arches  *  “Frank” by Barney Frank  *  Fun in the Courtroom   *   TSA’s Secret Terrorist Behavior Checklist   *   Why Do We Recommend Toyotas?   *   Tax Time For Suckers

2015 March- Blog or PDF

Tom’s embarrassed for the 47 Senators  *   Winning Dirty on TPP   *   Junking Your Jalopy?   *   Things You Never Knew   *   Drew’s Crunchy Baked Parmesan Cod   *   50 Car Facts To Blow Your Mind   *   Your Mind’s Power To Heal… Or Kill   *   Sellwood Bridge’s Next Set Of Arches Is Here  *  “Merchants of Doubt”  *  Our New Humorousness Columnist   *   Kirk, Spock, and the Stolen Buick   *   Fukushima 4 Years Later  *  Doubleheader of Disgust

2015 February- Blog or PDF

Tom’s proud of our Referral Reward program  *   Referral Reward Wrapup   *   What To Do in an Accident   *   Checking in with XRAY   *   Drew’s Bucatini with Meyer Lemon cream and chives   *   Why you should NEVER buy a salvaged title vehicle   *   Beat the cold, the flu, and dyslexia   *   Sellwood Bridge new opening date announced  *  “The Meat Racket”  *  2014’s full bucket of Popcorn  *  The Trans-Pacific Partnership

2015 January – Blog or PDF


Tom says don’t hope… get involved!  *   All our 2014 Feature articles   *   Resolve to save money   *   Surprise your younger self   *   Drew’s full 2014 menu   *   2014 was another healthy year   *   2014’s complete library   *   A year of progress on the Sellwood Bridge  *  2014’s amusing antics  *  2014’s full bucket of Popcorn  *  2014’s Wrapup of Wrath

2014 December Blog or PDF

Tom wants to PARDON BUSH AND CHENEY??!!  *   All the stories we didn’t have room to share with you   *   The underlying issues of Ferguson and beyond   *   Meet our Salaried Service Advisors   *   Drew’s Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes   *   Tips to beat Holiday stress and gluttony   *   “Scroogenomics” by Joel Waldfogel   *   Things you wish you woulda said  *  The racism you don’t know you have  *  Pictures worth many thousand words  *  The Vice-President takes on the Fascists  *  Dangerous scientific incompetence

2014 November Blog or PDF 

Tom examines the silver lining of the recent elections  *   Where are tomorrow’s Veterans   *   LEGALIZED IT!  What’s next?   *   How we know what’s wrong with your car   *   Drew’s Pasta with Smoked Salmon   *   Our refreshingly short Ebola coverage   *   The whole Bridge construction in 3 minutes   *   “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell   *   How to make your own rain garden   *   $1 per cube for ice.  Really.   *   10 things to do AFTER you buy a used car    *    Pathetic Voting Rates

2014 October Blog or PDF 

Tom wonders if we can solve ANY problems anymore  *   How To Get Ready For Winter   *   How To Clean Up Toxic Eyesores In Your Neighborhood   *   On-time, On-budget Over 98% Of The Time   *   Drew’s Slow Cooker Beef Pot Roast AND a Halloween Surprise   *   Goodbye To The Last Bridge Support   *   TWO Columbus Day Discoveries   *   23 Cold Weather Camping Tips   *   Live In A Box Down By The River… In Style   *   I’m Christopher Columbus.  I Come With A Little Baggage.

2014 September Blog or PDF

Tom’s tired of police and judicial abuse   *   You Have The Right To Be Pacified   *   YES on GMO Labeling   *   “How Much Ya Got” becomes “Gimme More”   *   Drew’s Linguine Milano   *   GMO Debate… solved!   *   The Bridge arches are done   *   TWO books on Police Militarization   *   Timelapse Beauty of Portland   *   Is Idiocracy our Future?   *   Civil Asset Forfeiture- The Dukes of Hazzard is no fun when it’s real

2014 August Blog or PDF

Tom’s not fooled by Inversions   *  Physician, heal thy friends  *  Sellwood Bridge Tour  *  Car of the Future winners  *  Drew cooks Scott Peacock’s Pulled Pork  *  Nothing keeps you healthy  *  Free Camping in the Mt. Hood National Forest  *  Who are you, really  *  Are you accidentally abusing your dog?  *  Benghazi, the little scandal that couldn’t  *  Tax evasion by any other name

2014 July Blog or PDF

Tom’s ready for the NeoCons to stop talking   *  Welcome to the Future  *  A taste of the Sellwood Concert series  *  When will YOU switch to synthetic oil?  *  Drew’s Mushroom Chicken Saute  *  Straight dope on scary additives  *  Interactive map of Portland transit options  *  Get to know the caliphate  *  The lighter side of global annihilation  *  “So Rich, So Poor” by Peter Edelman  *  The Hobby Lobby decision

2014 June Blog or PDF

Tom says DON’T end money in politics   *  Dr. Sam wants YOU to have Single Payer  *  Insider tips for Northwest summer adventure  *  Protect your summer road trips  *  Drew’s dijon grilled chicken burritos  *  Avocados!  Avocados!  *  A computer that can think?  *  When NOT to scrimp  *  John Oliver on Net Neutrality  *  “War Is A Racket” by Smedley Butler  *  The United States of Secrets

2014 May Blog or PDF

Tom on the now-confirmed death of democracy   *  Hard info to understand latest climate reports  *  Our first Referral Reward quarterly spotlight  *  Drew’s chicken with sour cream and paprika  *  Digestive videos you won’t forget  *  We try (and fail) the Earth quiz  *  Touring the Universe in a box  *  “Capital in the 21st Century”  *  The BP Spill-  4 years later

2014 April Blog or PDF

Tom talks about the McCutcheon Fiasco  *  The Man says you love the Grid  *  The dirty truth about your fuel injectors  *  We sang the Healthcare Blues, and we liked it  *  Drew’s Louisville Hot Browns  *  Your kids diapers are full of s#!+  *  “Dirty Wars”  *  Jokes for smart people  *  New reading technology  *  Camping hacks  *  The McCutcheon Fiasco

2014 March Blog or PDF

Tom on the return of rational radio  *   A bad Yelp review  *  Inner City Blues Festival  *  Backstage at XRAY  *  “Dog Whistle Politics”  *  ALEC occupies small towns  *  Accent locator  *  When to buy new, when to buy used  *  Media Consolidation

2014 February Blog or PDF

Tom says football is ready to go it alone  *   Is Big Brother your co-pilot?  *  Stories of DoD excesses  *  Support your local Union Thug  *  Wrap-up of Deny KPOJ  *  Clever life tricks  *  Mushroom Death Suit  *  Fried pasta with fixings  *  7 drug dangers we learned about too late  *  Two must-read books from our clients  *  Our Olympic coverage  *  The West Virginia water disaster

2014 January “Year In Review” Issue- Blog or PDF

Our 2013 Year In Review Issue  *   Full comic page from Keith Tucker  *  All our Feature articles  *  Wrap-ups from each of our monthly columns  *  A year of Rage on just one Page

2013 December Blog or PDF

Tom calls for your support  *  Who do you trust, and why?  *  Deny KPOJ- The chorus is growing  *  Picking the right tires for your vehicle  *  Cheddar scalloped potatoes  *  Keep all your eggs in one basket  *  “The Crash of 2016”  *  The Grinch test  *  The cheapest cars ever made  *  ALEC taxes the sun  *  American education  *  How NOT to relive your childhood  *  Prison For Profit UPDATED

2013 November Blog or PDF

Tom on those pesky informed citizens  *  Why certified technicians are worth it  *  KPOJ is coming back, but you can stop it  *  No news on drones  *  Southern sweet potato casserole  *  What NOT to eat if you know better  *  New looks at the Bridge  *  “The Righteous Mind”  *  What to eat when you’re broke  *  Creationism and science  *  Take part in an actual scientific study  *  Good cop, bad cop

2013 October Blog or PDF 

Tom on our real priorities  *  Why you shouldn’t wait for auto service  *  Automotive horror stories  *  Halloween goes to the dogs  *  Two government shutdown Toons  *  Halloween treats  *  Don’t be a zombie  *  Lefty radio is coming back  *  The scariest book you’ll ever read  *  5 things science can’t explain  *  Houses that are “winning” Halloween  *  Pay attention to the things that matter

2013 September Blog or PDF

Tom on the rush to war in Syria  *  How to cut your water bill  *  Don’t miss out on Shop Talk  *  Obama and Yemeni journalism  *  Jake’s cedar plank salmon  *  Information-free nutrition labels  *  Life hacks  *  “Perfectly Legal”  *  10 tricks to protect your privacy  *  Tom Dwyer dart team  *  1965 Alabama voting tests  *  Parallel Construction

2013 August Blog or PDF

Tom on what American values USED to be  *  “Car of the Future” winners  *  How maintenance saves more than repair  *  Can you pass a US Citizenship test?  *  California crab sandwich  *  Goodbye to Mike Launder  *  3 books on the psychiatric drug industry  *  The only ads you’ll WANT to see  *  Using eminent domain to repair the mortgage meltdown  *  Settlement embarrasses Halliburton  *  Amazing new wheelchair  *  Dumbing down of America

2013 July Blog or PDF

Tom on distractions of the Snowden revelations  *  Orwell was an optimist  *  Understanding “idiot lights”  *  We’ll gladly work on our client’s older vehicles  *  Kelley’s creamed potatoes and peas  *  Indestructible kitten  *  Aspartame  *  2 books prove no one is innocent  *  Flying cars  *  Oregon agrees corporations are not people  *  Sellwood park concerts  *  Build your own swamp cooler  *  Small problems, big guns

2013 June Blog or PDF

Tom on the crippling Obama scandals  *  All quiet on the anti-Monsanto rallies  *  Phame “Bye-bye Birdie”  *  What ISN’T for sale?  *  Pork and portobello burgers  *  Rodent of the month  *  Walk you way to health  *  “The Death And Life Of American Journalism”  *  They’re not wrong… they’re lying!

2013 May Blog or PDF

Tom on how priorities actually matter  *  Better World Club  *  Charitable Giving Calendar  *  Our best used-car buying advice  *  Fluoridation debate  *  Lemon and thyme grilled pork chops  *  Behind the scenes of the Sellwood Bridge  *  “The Rich Don’t Always Win”  *  Chained CPI  *  86-year-old gymnast  *  PHAME goes hi-tech  *  The Monsanto Protection Act

2013 April Blog or PDF

Tom on how we cater to your schedule  *  Healing the Healthcare Blues  *  Labor Pains  *  A very good IDEA  *  Free carwash season  *  Can bacteria replace surgery?  *  Shiitake mushroom extravaganza  *  “The Payoff”  *  Bizarre Facebook pages  *  4 Tea Party myths about the Founders  *  Agonizing decisions of green energy  *  Don’t hire me because I’m beautiful  *  Love thy neighbor- or not  *  My work here is done

2013 March Blog or PDF

Tom on death from above  *  FREE Solar Power  *  Automotive Amnesty  *  Save green, drive green  *  Your oil level is YOUR responsibility!  *  Asian-style peanut noodles  *  “Kids For Cash”  *  30 glimpses of the real Portland  *  2013’s best vehicles  *  Helping teens with healthy relationships  *  Income inequality  *  Porn for book lovers  *  Prisons for Profit

2013 February Blog or PDF

Tom’s glad the Big Move is over  *  Conversation with Carl  *  Photo essay on the Big Bridge Move  *  Know what’s coming up with your vehicle  *  Presenteeism  *  Classic cheese fondue  *  “With Liberty and Justice for Some”  *  The ultimate job  *  The greener readerer  *  Portland sick leave policy  *  BP Spill is back  *  Two-Tiered Justice

2013 January “Year in Review” issue- Blog or PDF

Tom on the upcoming Big Move  *  Looking back at our Feature articles from 2012  *  Drew’s full 2012 menu  *  A year of healthy living  *  2012 Book Spotlight selections  *  First full year of Humorousness  *  How are men and women treated at repair shops  *  ChartPorn has nothing to do with porn  *  Our yearly wrap-up of wrath

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