Health Notes- Nothing Is More Important Than YOUR Health!

RestOfNewsletteraaaHealthNotesButtonWhy have a “Health” column in an auto shop newsletter?  Because YOU are the most important part of your vehicle, so keeping your vehicle “safe, breakdown-free, and operating at its best” starts with YOU.  It turns out that Health is pretty interesting as well, covering topics like these…

The Health Effects Of Anniversaries–  How your past can reach out to grab your future.

Pacifying the Digital Natives–  The iPad may be a cheap babysitter, but it has other costs.

No one’s pretending “vitamin water” is healthy… anymore–  But they did until a lawsuit made them stop.

Does this country make my butt look big?–  Obesity is has been a problem for the US but it’s getting worse.  Includes BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator.

Man In Vegetative State Regains Consciousness–  Amazing new medical technology made it possible.

Our Year-in-Review from 2016


…and two bonuses to start your 2018 off right…

25 Craziest Drugs You Might Not Know Existed

Did you know there was a drug that “…burns fat so well that it raises the body temperature to dangerous levels and essentially cooks the body from the inside out”?  Makes those interminable lists of side effects in the TV drug ads look pretty tame!

What was the most significant medical discovery of 2017?

From a fascinating web community,, where people posts answers to questions on many topics.  From experts to idiots, you see it all and the best is voted to the top.  New answers coming all the time!

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