Health Notes- A Healthy 2016

aaaHealthNotesButtonRestOfNewsletterWe pride ourselves on a holistic approach to vehicle care; caring for your vehicle as a whole unit and not just an assemblage of unrelated systems.  With that in mind, what’s the most important system in your vehicle?  Well, YOU of course!  Our Health Notes column is designed to keep YOU running in top shape, and when you’re in top shape then everything else falls into place.  Take a few minutes to tune up with these articles from Health Notes in 2016…

Staying Fit in 2015

Health Notes Cures the Common Cold

We know you better than you know yourself

Health Notes for April 2016

Does breathing affect your diet?

Food keeps you alive… for now

A New Prescription for Chronic Pain

Stress, emotion, and disease

Eat what you’re told to… by the Sugar Industry

For Optimal Health, Savor Life

The good news about REAL butter




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