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Comment-of-the-Month-ButtonComment of the Month

If you look at the results from our Post-Service Feedback Cards, 99.89% of our clients think “our staff is courteous and professional”.  We’re very pleased and proud to share a letter that beautifully illustrates why they deserve that rating…

“I moved to Portland 2 years ago from California and found your shop last year when I purchased a “new” vehicle.  Your staff has always been courteous and professional every time I’ve needed help.  I needed to write to you about one time that they want above and beyond what I would expect from any business today.

This last summer, the temperatures were reaching the 100’s.  The first wave really affected my 4-year-old daughter and she got sick from it.  When there were reports of a second heat wave, I made an appointment to recharge my air conditioner on July 31st.  I dropped it off in the morning and picked it up late in the afternoon.  The temp recording from the air conditioner was registering in the 40s or 50s (I can’t remember, but definitely cold enough for me).  I was very excited.

After paying, I was sitting in your parking lot with the cold air blasting and it was wonderful.  I headed home but within 5 blocks (I had just passed the Sellwood pool), the air started to blast hot air.  Within a minute, it felt like a hairdryer so I pulled over to make sure I didn’t do anything to cause this to happen.  I didn’t touch anything from when I left your shop so I turned off the car and called to the office.  I explained what happened and brought it back right then.  The mechanics looked at it right away and found that the AC pump/motor had blown.  The estimate to fix it was $600+.

I was very upset; not for anything your staff had done but just for the situation.  I had just paid $263.48 for the AC refresh and there was no way for me to use this without fixing the pump/motor which I couldn’t afford to fix.  Ken was helping me with the estimate and he could see how distraught I was.  He did something I would never expect him to do… he refunded my money.

I didn’t ask him to do this and he did not know anything about me personally.  He could not have known that I’m a single mom with minimum finances, struggling through a messy divorce and feeling devastated that I couldn’t provide AC for my heat-sensitive daughter.  All I could say was thank you because I had no other words. 

His act of genuine human kindness has brought me to tears more than once (even as I write this).  My life situation is getting better every day but one thing I know is that you have a loyal customer in me.  I had to let you know because at the end of the day, every business is about its people.”

With deepest gratitude, Paula K.

There’s no way to predict when an AC pump will go bad, but that makes little difference to a client sitting in front of her vehicle’s hairdryer.  Our number one priority is to make our clients satisfied so Ken didn’t wait for Paula to ask, nor did he try to explain that the failure wasn’t our fault… he made it right, right away, and that’s what you can expect in the unlikely event the same thing ever happens to you.  We’re glad to do it, and especially glad when a client like Paula is so appreciative!

Referral-Reward-new-buttonOur Referal Reward Program

Our Referral Reward Program continues to be popular with our clients, and it’s certainly popular with the groups we’ve given to.  In October we made 15 donations for $642, bringing our total to 440 donations for $19,759 since the program began!  Here’s who we gave to in October…

Mercy Corps by Emily T.       Planned Parenthood by David C.

Salvation Army by Ken C.       Northwest Children’s Outreach by Ben N.

OPB by Jennifer G.       Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by Jerri R.

Basic Rights Oregon by Shannon H.       American Red Cross by Tony M.

Life Change Transitions by Emily B. and Lydia S.

American Refugee Committee by Mike M.

Green Acres Farm Sanctuary by Idith M.       XRAY.FM by Bill W. and Nick W.

Out To Pasture Animal Sanctuary by Ann W.

Don’t let other Dwyer Clients have all the fun; we’d love for you to join us in making a difference in our world.  Just refer a new client to Tom Dwyer, and if they tell us you referred them (don’t worry; we’ll ask) then we’ll call you to find out which deserving group you’d like to help.  It’s just that easy… start referring today!

Vote for our Quarterly Reward Winner!

Our Referral Reward Program gives monthly, but we also make each group eligible for Quarterly and Yearly awards as well.  Why mention this now?  Because it’s TIME TO VOTE FOR OUR NEXT QUARTERLY AWARD WINNER!  But before voting begins, we want to make a slight adjustment to the eligibility requirements…

We know you love organizations like Oregon Food Bank and Planned Parenthood because they’re all doing vital work and seem to get at least one Reward every month.  HOWEVER.  They’re very, very big.  We give each Quarterly Winner $200 and each Yearly Winner $500, and while we’re sure these bigger groups would appreciate it (and several of these large groups have won our Quarterly and Yearly awards in the past) that money could be a much bigger boost to a smaller organization.  Since we’d like to focus our giving where it would mean the most, we’ve decided to make the following groups

INELIGIBLE for the Quarterly and Yearly awards:

Oregon Food Bank               Planned Parenthood

Oregon Humane Society               American Red Cross

Mercy Corps               Salvation Army

OPB Radio               American Civil Liberties Union

Sierra Club

These are all fantastic groups doing fantastic work, and we encourage you to donate to any or all of them every chance you get.  We’ll still gladly give to any of them for your individual referrals during the month, but ONLY FOR THE PURPOSES OF OUR QUARTERLY AND YEARLY AWARDS, we’re taking them off the list.

We still need YOUR VOTE to decide which of these 39 worthy (if slightly smaller) groups gets a check for $200.  Email your choice to with “Quarterly Award” in the subject line.  And thanks for your support and participation!

Please vote for ONE of the groups below…

Adelante Mujeres                   BARK Mt. Hood

Basic Rights Oregon                     Bernie Sanders

Big Brothers, Big Sisters NW                     DKMS (Delete Blood Cancer)

Dougy Center                         Greater Portland Bible Church

Habitat for Humanity                         American Refugee Committee

Green Acres Farm Sanctuary                       Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

KBOO Radio                        KHNS Radio

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society                          Life Change Transistions

Meals on Wheels                       Northwest Children’s Outreach

Natural Resources Defense Council                          NW Chapter Workers Justice Project

OCHIN (Oregon Community Health Info Networks)                       XRAY.FM Radio

Pixie Project                     Portland Rescue Mission

Raphael House                    Shriners Hospital for Children

Sisters of the Road Café                      Southern Poverty Law Center

Sunstone Montessori School                     Transitions Project

Out To Pasture Animal Sanctuary

Current Special Offers

Get our Minor Interval Service (MIS) with pre-winter 90-point inspection for just $50, PLUS take 50% off labor on coolant system service


What building across streetWhat are they building across the street?

Sellwood Bridgehead, being built across the street from us at 8222 SE 6th, will be a 119 unit multi-family housing project with 49 underground parking spots.  Everyone seems to ask about it when they come by the shop, so we’ll bring you a couple shots each month as our newest Sellwood neighbor takes shape. This month, the basement is beginning to come together…


The parking basement, while only for 49 cars, is already taking shape with continual concrete pours


Progress is really happening fast. This picture, almost ready for the concrete, was taken just 8 days after the other picture.

AskForReviewButtonYour reviews and referrals matter

We are constantly grateful for the supportive and loyal clients we have developed over the years.  Your comments and appreciation keep us on the right road to providing the superior automotive service you deserve.  Your reviews and referrals are not only the highest compliments we can receive, but they’re the lifeblood of our new business.  If you like what you’ve found at Tom Dwyer Automotive Services, please tell a friend or take a minute to write a review on YelpAngieslistGoogle, or the review site of your choice. Thank you!

RecallListButtonLatest Automotive Recalls

Automobiles are just like any other product; occasional flaws in manufacture or design can cause problems once they leave the factory.  When an issue is identified the manufacturers and government work hard to bring the vehicles back in for refit or repair, but not all recalls make the front pages.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration maintains a constantly updated list of recalls from every manufacturer.  The last month’s recalls are below, but clicking the button at right will take you to the full list at the NHTSA website.

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