After your vehicle is serviced

After your vehicle is serviced

If you’ve had your vehicle’s computer control system Check Engine light (CEL) illuminate and repairs were done, it’s not uncommon for the light to come back on shortly after service. If this happens let us know as soon as possible and we will re-scan your system for free to determine if the fault code stored indicates a problem with the same system repaired or a new fault has been identified. If the code is related to the previous work any diagnostic time will be free. If the CEL has illuminated due to a problem with our work you will not be charged. We don’t charge for mistakes or parts failures and we are deadly serious about honesty and professionalism.

If you have had major work or oil or coolant leak repairs it may take some time for residual fluids, hand prints etc. to burn off. Any time a cooling system service, major repairs, or brake work has been done it is normal for there to be some burning smells or new noises. You need to be aware enough to know when something is normal and declining or unusual and/or becoming worse. You should never see oil or coolant on the ground after parking etc. It is always better error on the safe side and call if you are concerned. If the oil pressure light or temperature guage indicate a problem stop the vehicle as soon as safely possible. Even a minor problem can cause oil or coolant loss but once driven too far the engine can become severely damaged. No warranty covers negligent damage from driving a vehicle out of oil or over-heated.

500 Mile Service

When major engine work has been performed in order to maintain your warranty we need you to return the vehicle to us for a 500 mile inspection and in some cases an engine oil and filter change. Any vehicle having major work should not leave town for any reason until the 500 mile service has been performed. Better to have the inspection done at 250 miles than not at all, but please make sure we have the opportunity to recheck, retorque fasteners, and inspect your vehicle before you trust it for a long journey out of town.

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