Some vehicles ARE beyond repair

When I started in the auto service industry in the seventies, I was told “no vehicle was ever beyond repair”.

Those used up vehicles weren’t economically totaled rolling illusions; they were “ROSES”…, which is true… from a repair shop’s viewpoint.

I knew these “ROSES” were money pits and while the shop would profit; the ownerwould lose in the end. A Shop lives to repair; so few cautions are ever issued. Requested repairs will be performed whether they make economic sense for the client or not.

Poorly maintained vehicles tend to gobble the most money right before they die … it can be a waste trying to squeeze out those last few miles.

Our clients trust us to give solid advice that’s in their best long term interest; … we’ll recommend against repairs when we know it’s the right advice to maintain loyal clients for years to come.

Vehicles should come and go, but client relationships should endure.

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