IDEA- The Intellectual Deficit Equalization Act

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When it comes to federal spending, all states are not created equal.  Some states receive far more federal money than they’ve paid in federal taxes.

84 percent of the states that get back more than they pay in are Red states.

A bill now moving through Congress may be the ideal solution.

SB420 the “Intellectual Deficit Equalization Act” or “IDEA” would require every citizen to take a civics test; a tax would then be imposed on the states whose citizens don’t score high enough. Those states would lose federal dollars and also their electoral votes until their taxes were paid in full.

No more moochers, no more ignorant votes against the majority’s best interest.  No more Red-State whining about how government spends its Blue State revenues!  Finally, even Alabama and Mississippi might carry their weight!

This “IDEA” SB420 needs your help to become a reality.  Go to our website for ways you can get involved.

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