Merkley Joins the FISA Fight

I’m Tom Dwyer,

FISA, the secret court where secret agencies go for secret search warrants in our free and open society, expires this year.  Despite acknowledged violations of law and the fourth amendment, Congress is expected to know its place, roll over, and renew FISA.

Senator Wyden placed a hold on the bill, and now our other Senator, Jeff Merkley, just offered an alternative to the rubber stamp renewals Congress has now.

Under his bill, if FISA rejects a warrant, the government would have to immediately stop gathering information.  Anything already gathered couldn’t be used in court, any data collected on Americans would need an old fashioned, probable cause warrant to be accessed.

Senator Merkley rightly pointed out that safety versus privacy is a false choice; and that we have a moral and constitutional duty to do both.

Please call and thank both our Senators for standing up against FISA, and stepping up to defend our tattered Constitution.

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