Liberal Brain

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Sadly, what makes liberals liberal also disables them from fighting the Republi Cons.  We’re too damn nice and we expect the same decorum from others.

Liberals want to employ truth and rationality in a political process that’s been hijacked by corporately- owned bloviators who’ll dump steaming piles of twaddle without a second thought.

Science, for those who believe in it, is finding major physical differences between Liberal and Conservative brains.  While Cons respond to authoritarianism and have a need for certainty, Libs are more consensus-based and have a higher threshold for variation.

This nuanced thinking and respect for individuals may make for good government, but first liberals need to learn to fight to be elected…

It’s like a gun fight…., but the Liberals don’t even bring knives.

Enough civility….. Liberals must begin to fight back against the lies, propaganda, and demagoguery, not by lying ourselves, but by refusing to let the liars go unchallenged.

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