Walker Recall


I’m Tom Dwyer,

The Walker recall was unsuccessful, but the good news is the Dems took the Senate, so Scott won’t have a totally free reign in Scotwalkerstan.

What can we learn from this election?  Faux News would have you believe the lesson is doom for Obama in November.  Walker thinks the lesson is approval of his agenda.

I think the lesson is the glaring demonstration of damage to democracy from Citizens United.  Walker out-spent Barrett eight to one, with two thirds of his but only one quarter of Barrett’s money coming from out of state.  And PACs spent at least another twenty-nine million.

A penniless candidate is hard to take seriously, and there are examples of people with massive cash advantages who’ve lost.  But money does affect elections and the more money the bigger the effect.

The real lesson from Wisconsin?  Unregulated campaign money turns elections into silent auctions for the uber rich.

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