Independence Day 2012

Independence Day 2012

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I’m Tom Dwyer,

The founding fathers seem towering figures, but they would not have considered themselves above others.  They were farmers, businessmen, and craftsmen considering questions of society and freedom, and then staking their lives and a new country on their answers.

They were heroic.  They showed genius.  But they were human.

Real independence demands each of us answer those same questions for ourselves.

Is everyone created equal?

Are there inalienable rights?

What is the role of government?

Can freedom exist without the consent of the governed? and

What is our duty when government becomes destructive?

The Founders would not want us to blindly accept anyone’s answers as truth, even theirs.  We must consider these questions every day, and pledge our lives, fortunes, and honor on our own answers and actions.

From all of us at Tom Dwyer Automotive Services, we wish you a thoughtful and meaningful Independence Day.

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