Jefferson Smith for Mayor

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Portland’s elections are May fifteenth and while three candidates have pulled ahead of the pack, only one has the Progressive vision Portland needs…

Jefferson Smith, currently an Oregon Legislator, is running for Mayor because he thinks the issues that matter most to the lives of people are best solved at the city level.

He believes in the people of Portland and in his words, “the Mayor is only successful to the degree to which he empowers people to be successful.”

Whether it’s the economy, police, transportation, education, or city services; Jefferson’s energy and guidance will benefit all Portlanders.

Links on our website will take you to our in depth interview with him, and ways you can help in these final days of his campaign.

Jefferson Smith is the kind of Mayor I’m looking for; the kind the ninety nine percent needs.  I’ll be supporting him, and I hope you will too.

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