Get Involved!

I’m Tom Dwyer,

It’s easy to get depressed about our diminishing democracy, but despair is not an option and there are things we can all do, things we must do.

Staying educated on issues and keeping in touch with our representatives is a start, but there are more ways to get involved.  One is to help educate the working class republicans around us.  We all have friends, family and coworkers that believe the Republican Party represents their interests… engage them!

Ask them what they think government’s role should be in issues like healthcare, retirement, a clean environment, good schools, or investment in infrastructure.

No need to be confrontational, just ask them how the Republican Party supports working class Americans like them.  And then listen.

Talking with someone won’t change how they feel immediately, but asking them to help you understand their positions may compel them to consider the facts and their feelings, hopefully, might change later.

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