This is War

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Are we now experiencing coordinated class warfare in America?  Worker’s rights are being challenged across America… Who’s calling the shots and who’s fighting back?

Governors, state senators, and congressional members are synchronously pushing the same ideological assault.  Is it coincidence when worker’s rights are suddenly and simultaneously attacked in several states?

Did all of these officials independently choose to side with corporations and wealth against the rest of us — or is there some central direction behind this strategy?

From relentless downsizing and off shoring driving the ever widening gap between the working class and the ”have mores”, … to the Supreme Court’s activist enthronement of corporate money into our political system with the citizen’s united decision, — what else can this state-by-state offensive on workers be called

If we do nothing, money and power will drown democracy and silence the voice of the majority, … it can only be called class warfare if we fight back

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