Habeas Traitors

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Behind closed doors dangerous provisions were slipped into the latest defense authorization bill, confirming endless war, limitless detentions without trial and authorization for the President to use our military against anyone labeled “terrorist”… even U S citizens.

With a crumbling economy, the ability to declare protesters “terrorists” and unleash the military to stop them would be a temptation, and giving Obama this power now secures it for all presidents to come.

Civil rights groups, the FBI, and the Pentagon were all in favor of stripping out these anti-American provisions and we should be voting out the 60 domestic enemies that voted “NAY” in an attempt to bury Habeas Corpus and Posse Comitatus forever.

Our rights and freedoms are protected by laws not the military. We are free only as long as laws exist and are respected.  Without the rule of law, our rights come at the whim of our masters and that’s not freedom.

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