What’s Your Value (2)

I’m Tom Dwyer

The damage from the Gulf oil flood won’t be known for decades.

For  now, we get to listen to wealthy criminals in suits dodge responsibility for worst environmental crime in history.

How can anyone calculate the costs of this nightmare?

Endangered species of turtles, dolphins and sharks… now possibly gone forever!

How much is the permanent loss of any gulf species worth?

This disaster has disrupted breading season for over 80 species.

What is human life worth?  11 dead and more lives now cut short from this poisoning.

How about a way of life? Watermen bound to the gulf for generations now forced to seek new livelihoods.

And what about the quality of life?  Coral reefs… our ocean’s lungs and, our ONLY source for some of the high tech cancer, AIDS, and pain killing drugs we depend on possibly destroyed forever.

Sadly Billion dollar corporations don’t care about anything but the bottom line.

Please support responsible businesses!

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