What’s Your Value? (1)

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Don’t worry about that pesky oil flood in the Gulf!  BP’s well paid weasel CEO Tony Hayward assures us that “it’s relatively tiny compared to the very big ocean,” and that it will only have “a very modest impact” on the gulf.

“We will fix it. I guarantee it. The only question is we do not know when,” he said.

Bold words when the extent of the damage won’t be known for decades.

BP is increasingly confident that they’ll find a way to stop the oil flow”, they say they’ve “already prevented significant amounts of oil from reaching the shore.”

Sure… only the millions of gallons of toxic dispersants being used to do that are adding a new dimension to the problem.

They’re hiding the damage and spinning the facts, not fixing the problem.

Can anyone calculate the cost of this catastrophe?

BP I guess… they decided the cost of an “off” switch was too high.

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