Lack of Accountability

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Corporations are now people, and some people are becoming less human.  What happened to individual and national principles we once honored?

There used to be principles beyond just money.   How did we come to worship money without any accountability for the people who wield it?

Corporations were once chartered in the public interest.  They were accountable for their actions.  Now we’re told they’re people, but people required to put profit above all other concerns.

An arrogant robber baron was never likable as a human person; is it any better as a corporate person?

The final insult is when “corporate people” like Dick Armey’s Freedom Works use money from Phillip Morris, Verizon, and AT&T to dupe “human people” into thinking government is causing their problems!

When will we reach our collective “Howard Beal moment” and decide we “won’t take it anymore”?

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