Rule in Hell

I’m Tom Dwyer,

The Republican leadership would rather rule in disaster than share power in paradise!  The GOP accepts our suffering and the further decline of America as the price we will pay for them to regain Congressional power. The GOP; truly the party of Greed over Principle.

The “party of NO” has calculated that preventing any accomplishment will hurt the Democrats come November.  Their obstruction is damaging America and the American people.

Let those without healthcare die, let the long-term unemployed starve, let Wall Street continue unchecked, kill any job creation or small business bills, make sure multi-national monopolies still rule and millionaires keep their tax cuts; cause look how well those “welfare for the rich” programs have worked out.

Lust for power has the GOP believing that it’s better to hold power in a bankrupted and devastated United States than to work honestly with the Democratic Party to keep us from circling the drain as a nation.

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