BP Gusher Stopped- (Math Professor Version)

I’m Tom Dwyer…

Thankfully, the BP spill has been stopped after only 87 days.  There’s no need for worry, we’re assured, because three quarters of the oil has already been carried away by dolphins.  Hooray!

One helpful website I looked at even explained that the amount of oil spilled is the same as 10 drops of water in an Olympic swimming pool… about 3.4 parts per billion.  Who could possibly worry?

But then I looked up EPA standards for chemical toxicity.  There aren’t standards for crude oil in water, but there are for it’s many components.  Toulene, as just one example, is toxic at about one thousandth that concentration.

Granted, these numbers may give a skewed picture.  They don’t, after all, include the thousands of tons of corexit dumped in addition to the crude oil.

I’m sorry, but I won’t be rushing out for gulf shrimp or oysters anytime soon.  We’re fed enough toxic crap by the media already.

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