PGE’s costs of Boardman

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PGE’s Boardman coal fired power plant is more than Oregon’s largest stationary polluter; it is the worst air polluter west of the Rockies.

What is the real cost to us to continue operating one of the dirtiest power plants in America?

Millions of tons of CO2, 30,000 tons of sulfur and nitrogen oxides, thousands of tons of particulate and over 250 lbs. of mercury annually

Combine the health and environmental impacts with the estimated billion dollars to bring this outdated plant up to minimal standards and Portlanders should be outraged.

It’s time we replace the dirty power from Boardman with a clean alternatives. Thirty years is the normal life of a power plant anyway, and we now have good substitutes available.

After decades of Green Washing from PGE, they still supply only 4% of their power from green sources. Just 4 percent! Oregonians should be embarrassed and angry.

Please Call PGE and tell them it’s time to clean up their act!

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