Wyden and health care contributions

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Senator Wyden’s Healthy Americans Act would let corporate conglomerates continue control and  profit from our health care.  This plan’s not reform, it’s spin and I feel betrayed.

The hundreds of thousands of dollars that Senator Wyden’s taken from Health care and insurance companies may be affecting his policy. Unfortunately, he’s not alone.  Our current electoral system forces all candidates to chase corporate money.

When elected officials abdicate their responsibility to the people, democracy fails.

For me, health care reform is a stark demonstartion of the urgent need for campaign finance reform.  59% of Americans want single payer health care, but 98 well-insured and well-funded senators stand in our way.  Let’s remove their free premium health coverage and see how fast they act.

When politicians are dependent on corporate donations, can we trust them to work in our best interest?

It’s like working with a commissioned Service Advisor.  Can you trust tthat their service recommendations are in your best interests?

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