No taxation without representation

I’m Tom Dwyer

No taxation without representation” as a slogan in 1763 summarized the primary grievance of the British colonists in the thirteen colonies.

In 1773 with the Boston Tea Party the colonists violently rejected the political process in London.

I think we all have a pretty good grievance right now and it is time for us to make changes with how we the people are represented in our political process today.

Corporate lobbying has trumped our representation. Corporate money and its control over our representatives have destroyed the principle of our democracy.

Please realize how important campaign finance reform is to all of us!

We will never get national comprehensive health coverage or any other major reform, important to us all, without first removing corporations from control of the political process.

We all have enough to worry about these days but in my humble opinion this is the most critical challenge of our time!

As long as corporations run our political process there is no representation for “we the people”!


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