Fascism in Amerika

Hi, I’m Tom Dwyer

When I used the word “Fascism” in one of my ads four years ago, people unaware of the real meaning of the word thought I was nuts.

Fascism; a system of Government controlled by Business

That could never happen here… right?

Well, the Supreme Court just handed effective control of our government to big corporations by freeing them to spend unlimited money on any candidate they want to elect or depose.

A corporation’s only motivation, by law, is profit.  They have no stake in building a society that benefits peopleIf they are people, they are feral, powerful, dangerous, psychopathic people.  By law.

Uniting corporations and government replaces Jefferson’s dream with Mussolini’s.

Call it corpratocracy, aristocracy, plutocracy, kleptocracy, or the most accurate term, fascism… but Beware!  It’s not “of, by, or for the people” if corporations hold the reins.

Business doesn’t belong in government, but I do know one business that does a great job servicing cars…

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