Illahee series #4- Maude Barlow

Hi, I’m Tom Dwyer

Water, water isn’t everywhere…and it’s often too expensive to drink.

When the Illahee lecture series resumes on March 27th at the First Congregational Church, that’s the message you’ll hear loud and clear from water activist Maude Barlow.

Maude has watched water privatized in Asia, Africa, and beyond.  Once vast freshwater sources like Lake Chad and the Aral Sea are becoming briny puddles; so a handful of multinational water companies swooped in on the opportunity.  Abetted by World Bank monetary policies and United Nations political timidity, they are bidding to turn these formerly public resources into profit centers.

Why should we care?

As many as 36 U.S. states could reach a water crisis in the next five years.  Interstate and international water feuds, increased disease, and reduced crops could all be coming our way.

Maude calls for an international “blue covenant” to define the world’s fresh water as a human right and a public trust rather than a commodity.

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