Move Your Money Event

I’m Tom Dwyer,

The six largest US banks now have assets in the trillions… equaling 63% of gross domestic product.

That’s our exports, Consumer, Business, and Government spending combined!


Not the sign of a health economy!

We obviously need local banks for checking and savings, loans for our homes and businesses, and to help build communities.

But greedy, criminal, mega banks need to be broken up and regulated!

With the corporate vampires in control I’m not holdin’ my breath.

I know real change starts at the local level, and there is something that can help starve the beast!

Saturday, May twenty second, join us from one to four at Pioneer Square for “Move Your Money Day”.

Local banks and credit unions will be there to help you take your money away from the corporate behemoths and bring it home to your backyard… and there’ll be food(?) and music!

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