Illahee series #6- Ronald Wright

Hi, I’m Tom Dwyer,

Time’s running out to catch one of the Illahee lecture series’ final two events.  On April 26th at the First Congregational Church, Ronald Wright takes on the questions of where our society came from and where we’re going.

Past speakers have addressed issues of biology, environment, and society, but Ronald Wright brings it all together as he looks at the decisions our society must face to have a future.

Author of “A Short History of Progress”, Wright believes the lessons of past civilizations could avert disaster for our current global society.  He describes society as “built on endless expansion from it’s earliest beginnings.”  Now, he says, “…there is nothing left to colonize.  Mankind will either share the Earth or fight over it. For civilization to continue, we must civilize ourselves.”

For more information about the final speakers in this compelling and important series, visit (Illahee dot org) or follow the links from our web site.

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