Citizens United vs Citizens Human

I’m Tom Dwyer

What’s it called when multinational corporations can target unlimited money for or against US politicians and political causes?

Australian Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp is the world’s third largest media monopoly, and the puppetmaster behind Fox Propaganda.  When NewsCorp gave the Republican Governor’s Association a million dollars it ripped away any “fair and balanced” fig leaf from the mouthpiece of the Republican party.

When corporations can legally bribe and propagandize to shape US legislation to fit their interests instead of ours, there is a specific name for it.  When state and corporate interests merge; it’s called fascism.

The Citizens United decision cements old-school fascism as the new normal for predatory monopolies.  This latest coup by the Supreme Court on behalf of “corporate citizens” unleashed the unaccountable power of stateless conglomerates against “we the people“.

An unlimited flood of money will drown what’s left of democracy in America.  No one should have to say it, but let’s stand up against fascism.

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