Spare The Rod

I’m Tom Dwyer,

There are several things that need to change before my faith in government will be restored and one of the biggies for me is restoring accountability. There is no “liberty and justice for all” when all people are not treated equally by our justice system.

Our “prison for profit” systems are disproportionately filled with the poor, minorities, and collateral damage from a failed “war on drugs”.  Average Americans who commit minor, often victimless crimes are quickly and decisively locked away, while government and corporate criminals, even when responsible for suffering, death, and corruption that can affect entire populations can remain free to live their royal lives.

We are witnessing the decline of our nation as the lack of consistent, impartial enforcement of the rule of law breeds a culture of impunity and greed.  I’m definitely not an advocate of corporal punishment but in this case “sparing the rod” is spoiling much, much more than just the child!

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