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If you’re like me, you might think that Oregon gets all its electricity from hydroelectric. Well about 60% of our electricity is hydro; but the balance now comes from dirty coal plants like those near us in Boardman and Centralia.

The Boardman coal plant is 150 miles east of Portland and generates 20% of PGE’s power. It’s the largest stationary source of green house gasses in Oregon, contributing to acid rain in the gorge, on Mount Hood and impacting us from Hells Canyon to Mount Rainier.

Please help me support the Bonneville Environmental Foundation… they’re funding green power projects here… Now!

Go to use the link, see the details and enter the promo code KPOJ for a 50% discount. Join today and you’ll immediately receive a 100% return on your investment and an additional 200% over the next 12 months.  If you’re a current client or have been wanting to trying our service please check this out! I’m counting on you… to help build wind and solar power now.

I don’t want to burn coal to power my house, or my next car!

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