Gas Prices

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Hey! don’t be lulled by these short term gas prices.

While we experience this temporary period of cheap gas remember what 4 or 5 dollar gas feels like.

The cause of high fuel prices has not changed…dwindling oil resources and corporate greed!

You can trust the oil companies to do one thing: Make profits!

The oil industry spends more money advertising they’re green than actually being green.

Executive compensation and advertising spending far exceeds their actual budget for alternatives.

Oil is a finite resource and we are sucking off the bottom of the tank

If you are not familiar with the concept of “Peak oil” you now have home work to do!

What are we willing and able to do for transportation in the future?

At Tom Dwyer Automotive Services We are committed to helping you with your transportation needs.

Whether it is keeping your current vehicle running at its best, converting it to ethanol or biodiesel, helping with a decision about moving to hybrids or full electrics we can help.

We would like to earn your trust and welcome you as a valued client

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