Client Testimonials

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Where do you turn for advice on choosing a mechanic?

Websites like: Angie’s list,Yelp, or car talk…

your friends, neighbors or co-workers?

You hear me on KPOJ all the time, but when it comes to caring for your automotive lifeline can you afford to take my word for how good our company is?  You want the real deal, not some biased opinion or marketing spin.  What if you could ask the people who use our service for their honest opinions?

That’s why we asked our clients to volunteer their experiences.  Everyone had different reasons for coming to us, from our personal service and Master Certified technicians to our free shuttle, but they were all eager to let other people know what they’d found at Tom Dwyer Automotive Services.  All we did was videotape everything and stick it on our website.

No actors.  No pay.  No scripts.  Just folks like Heidi telling you what they think.  Go to and see the results.

Our maintenance and inspection programs are designed to keep your vehicles safe, breakdown-free and operating at their best.  Working together we can add years of quality life to your vehicles.  Tom Dwyer Automotive Services.  Please call us 503-230-2300 or visit us online at

(c)2010 Tom Dwyer Automotive Services

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