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In January 2017 I promised an addition to our newsletter, TRUMPWATCH, in which we’d “…try to keep track of the most egregious lies, the most insane policies, the most blatant violations of Constitution and basic human values that the Trumpocracy has to offer.”   By February it was obviously a promise I couldn’t keep.  Just listing the “most blatant” desecrations was a fulltime job that even “real” news outlets were unprepared for.  No matter how bad I feared things would be, the reality has been far worse.  But as we finish our first full year of the man-child’s narcissism, lies, temper-tantrums, incompetence, constant golfing vacations and major brain failure; there is hope and it may come, despite all probability and at least in part, from Newt Gingrich…

Trump’s constant lying is an enigma to me. Is there no recognition of his perjury or just fear of any retribution for pointing out the serial dissimulation by this con artist? We can brush off lies about crowd size or the “most popular president ever”, but the constancy of his lying on more substantive matters makes it impossible to meaningfully consider any actual proposals.  He lies to support policies, lies to oppose them, lies about errors and mistakes, lies about his daily schedule, lies about even the weather.  I’m not naïve; I know politicians lie.  Demanding purity from any politician leads to disappointment, but that doesn’t mean all lies or all liars are equal.  In an article comparing Trump’s lies with past presidents’, the NY Times pointed out…

Trump vs Obama lies“the word [lie] is unfair to Obama and Bush. When they became aware that they had been saying something untrue, they often stopped doing it. Obama didn’t continue to claim that all Americans would be able to keep their existing health insurance under Obamacare, for example, and Bush changed the way he spoke about Iraq’s weapons capability. Trump is different. When he is caught lying, he will often try to discredit people telling the truth… Trump is trying to make truth irrelevant. It is extremely damaging to democracy, and it’s not an accident. It’s core to his political strategy”.

The Donald’s stream of Goebbels-ian alternative facts, his 8-year-olds’ attention span, and his limited command of language would indicate that he’s not “like, a smart person” despite his repeated assertions otherwise.  Retrograde cognition along with his vexing narcissistic personality disorder makes DT’s contempt for “the other” conspicuous, adding another reason to loathe him.  Trump has insulted womenMexicans, blacks, Asians, Muslims, democrats, gays, handicapped people, veterans, gold star families, poor people, friends, enemies, countries who are friend or enemies, the White House… you get the idea.  In fact, the NY Times put together a list of 410 People, Places, and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on TwitterOur President has gone out of his way to mock every segment (except the one-percenters, Nazis, and white supremacists) of the America he pretends to love.  Maybe it’s a strange sort of equal opportunity but it doesn’t unite us; it just shatters us further when we’re struggling already.

Trump’s toxic deportment has real effects.  At home, Trumpets scrape to find “achievements” of any kind.  Their one legislative victory was TrumpTax, but it was a victory for 1% of America at the expense of the other 99%.  Abroad, American world leadership built through generations of brains, bucks, and blood is being decimated.  Trump’s embarrassing withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord was unambiguously bad, but even arguable successes come with embedded failure.  For example, I railed loudly against the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) during the Obama years for inadequate worker and environmental protection, inadequate benefits for the Middle Class, and the egregious TPP Trade Court made up of Corporate lobbyists.  Though I was in favor of scrapping TPP, we DO need fair trade rules and nothing is being contemplated to replace it.  Saying “no” is part of leadership but it’s not the end; there must be substantive proposals to move forward.  Instead we and the rest of the world are left adrift.

My strong wish would be to erase everything this illegitimate president has done since he lied his way into the Oval Office.  Everything with the Vulgarian’s signature should be erased.  His tainted appointments should be torn out root and branch from Vice President Pence to Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch and on down every bit of the line, and the yawning gaps he hasn’t filled should be quickly staffed with very qualified, very boring people.   Environmental regulations should be reinstated, immigration bans overturned, healthcare rebuilt, and consumer protections reinstated,  If I had my way, we’d hold a do-over election and pretend Donald Trump never happened to our country.  But Constitutional democracy doesn’t work that way and I spoke of hope instead of wishes.  What hope could there possibly be instead?  Disgust and desperation motivated Trump’s election but they may yet save us as well, because if America stands for anything it’s the idea that we all deserve better than disgust and despair; we deserve justice.

Maybe, faced with the painful reality that things aren’t fine just because a huckster asserts they’re fine, disillusionment will make us restructure our electoral processes to restore true participation in power.   It’s long past time for a new generation to take over congress. I am disgusted by intrenched multi-millionaire old white guys paid to do the bidding of their corporate masters; I think grotesque levels of personal wealth or support from wealth should disqualify a candidate, as their priorities are clear.  No important issue, be it electoral system failure, Social Security, Single-Payer healthcare, bloated military, imperialism and permanent war, global scale environmental ruination, charter schools and education, or any other will be allowed to change for the benefit of the majority while greed rules.  I want to be represented by people I respect (even ones I may not always agree with) in a Congress that represents ALL Americans.  Maybe we’ll realize that We the People can’t change anything without first changing our representation and money’s control over the process.

Desperation may change Congress in 2018 and prompt the removal of the troglodyte-in-chief, but perhaps not.  Perhaps, in a Congress purged of Trumpets, the torpid Democratic Party can re-polarize and return as the party of the working class with real progressive values. A strong clean and renewed party that can try to work with any lucid Republicans still standing (after the tax-cut purge I hope to see in the next cycles) to create actual laws, not executive orders, reflecting a consensus of the electorate.  Desperation may prompt politicians and voters to consider solutions they’d written off before… as the Republican repeal of the Obamacare mandate implodes the healthcare system, the unthinkable solution of Single Payer HealthCare may suddenly become plausible.  A disillusioned, yet stronger, electorate may force Congress to aggressively use tools like Newt Gingrich’s Congressional Review Act to reverse Trumpism’s worst abuses (and in fact, they already are).

Trump is making good on his promise (through Bannon) to “destroy the administrative state”, but we can’t let disgust make us forget that our “administrative state” is something we’ve built together for over 200 years.  For all its very real flaws we take most of what it does for granted because it works so well.  Living under the rule of laws may be annoying but (when they work) those pesky rules keep our military from running amok here and abroad, keep our courts impartial, our votes secure, our water clean, our workplaces safe, our drugs effective, our children educated, and so much more.  Even those who voted for Trump are beginning to reassess now that the growing chasm between rhetoric and reality begins to adversely affect their lives.

Nothing will change if we settle for disgust, disillusionment, and desperation, but everything can change if we use them as a springboard to courage, satisfaction, and confidence.  Trump has amplified some deep and ugly truths about America, but while he represents our lowest impulses I know he doesn’t represent our highest possibilities.  My hope for 2018 and beyond lies with each of us individually and collectively working for justice and better ways.

Make a great year,




As we all buckle down for the second year of the Trumpocracy, education and involvement will be our friends, so please let me introduce you to some of my very best friends…

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Digging Deeper…

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