Sellwood Bridge Update- Another Major Milestone

RestOfNewsletteraaaBridgeUpdateButtonThe Sellwood Bridge was closed May 20 and 21 for installation of concrete girders to fill in the gap left by the temporary “shoo fly” bridge.  We sent a photographer from our Sellwood Bridge Bureau to cover the installation, and here’s what he found…

const area

This is one of the major parts remaining on the east side of the bridge. This gap was left to access the Old Bridge during construction of the New Bridge. Time to patch it up!


Here’s a view of the gap from the east side, several days before the girders were to go in.


A construction worker observes the installation of the girders. When we took these pictures the first group of girders were already in. Each one takes about an hour to put in place.


A view from beneath the bridge on the Springwater Corridor as one of the girders is positioned.


Concrete girder being lowered into place


Finished concrete grid structure after bridge opening


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