Sellwood Bridge Update- Goodbye to the last old support

aaaBridgeUpdateButtonHere on the East End of the bridge, the concrete pour on Tacoma has been occupying our attention.  It’s a big jump in the project and we’re glad to see it, but another milestone was quietly reached out in the river.  The last concrete support from the old bridge was sliced up and barged away.  Just like the bridge move it was probably not too exciting to watch in real time, but the stop-motion video by Rich Morgan is amazing.  Just click the photo below to see it unfold….



RestOfNewsletterAs always, Multnomah County maintains the definitive website on everything related to the Sellwood Bridge Replacement project,  Construction and closure alerts, archived information, and other resources are all available 24/7 for your convenience.  If you’re looking for something that’s not on the website, you can contact Mike Pullen (mike.j.pullen@multco.us503-209-4111) or visit




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