More than just a bad idea… It’s policy.

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I’m Tom Dwyer,

Two-tiered justice is now reality.

It was hard to deny it when Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer explained HSBC bought its way out of jail because “the entire banking system would have been destabilized.”

It became impossible to deny it when his boss, Attorney General Eric Holder, told the Senate Judiciary Committee it was ‘too difficult to prosecute some institutions that could impact the national, even the world, economy’.  That, he said, ‘inhibits the ability to bring ‘more appropriate’ resolutions’.

Americans want to believe in our justice system.  We’ve watched the powerful pervert justice for decades, but believed they were aberrations.  We hoped Justice was still blind.

But these two latest comments are too big to ignore.  “Too big to jail” has mutated to quasi-official government policy.

Senators like Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown are fighting to shrink these behemoths.  But without our support, it may be a fight that’s too big to win.

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