Dumbed-Down Democracy

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I’m Tom Dwyer,

Newsweek asked 1,000 Americans to take the standard U.S. Citizenship test, and 38 percent of them failed. One in three couldn’t even name the vice-president.

Ignorance poses a genuine threat. Reagan’s war on public education took hold and the loss of our democracy may be the outcome.

Representative democracy should be simple: the majority of citizens, acting in their own informed self-interest, elect representatives who will pursue the greatest good for the greatest number of citizens.

But the theory of democracy has an unfortunate flaw when most of the public get too ignorant to pick good candidates.

People in the UK, Denmark and Finland are significantly better informed, prolific public television and radio, with more hard news and less puffery and well-funded public education systems help produce better voters.

Our national problems aren’t caused by our form of government, but the ignorance of our electorate. And that’s a problem that can be addressed. We need to fight the dumbing down of America.

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