It’s Good To Be Back!


I’m Tom Dwyer,

…and it’s really, really good to have liberal talk back in Portland!  One good thing about supporting Carl’s show is my advertising dollars will no longer be profiting Clear Channel!

After facing violent protests on a visit in the early 90s, Bush the elder’s staffers called Portland “little Beirut”. Those protests didn’t happen in a vacuum; media offered enough alternative information at the time for “little Beirut” to react.

There’s increasing media bias, yet most Americans think actual propaganda is limited to evil totalitarian states out there somewhere…. there’s no propaganda here in the U.S.!!!!…. Sorry…. From network and cable news to TV and movies influenced by the Pentagon; propaganda thrives here! 

Democracy requires media with objective balance. We need real news!

I’ve missed my local lefty talk and now there’s hope… Carl’s Show; politics, news, and wit…. Please help me support Carl’s return so little Beirut can live on!

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