Shadows Of Hiroshima

I’m Tom Dwyer,

There are events that truly change the world and we’re coming to the anniversary of one that divided our world into ‘everything before’ and ‘everything since’.

On August 6, nineteen forty five, the city of Hiroshima, Japan vanished.  Eighty thousand people died instantly, and as many as sixty thousand more died by the end of the year.

One Legacy of that day are the Shadows of Hiroshima… images of people seared into stone by the blast.

Look for echoes of these shadows around Portland as Hiroshima’s anniversary nears.  More than just reminders of nuclear horror they’ll also be an invitation, and a challenge, to you…

On August 6, Physicians for Social Responsibility will commemorate the Hiroshima bombing in Portland’s Waterfront Park.  They’ll have speakers, performers, activities, and ways YOU can help ensure nuclear weapons are never used again.

Our website has links with all the details… I hope we’ll see you there.

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Update 7/26/12

We were moved to receive an email from Dr. James Yamazaki in response to the upcoming Hiroshima rememberance.  Who is Dr. James Yamazaki?  We didn’t know either until we read this line- “…I was assigned by the National Academies (1949-51) as the lead physician to initiate the studies of the long term effects of the (Hiroshima) survivors“.

He went on to recommend a website he created (in cooperation with UCLA) to document the history of the bombing, the effect on the people of Hiroshima, and the consequences to all of us who live in the Nuclear Age.

We’d like to pass along Dr. Yamazaki’s recommendation to go to Children of the Atomic Bomb- A UCLA Physician’s Eyewitness Report and Call to Save the World’s Children.  Especially heartbreaking is one part of the website, Ground Zero 1945:  Pictures by Atomic Bomb Survivors, a gallery of drawings and paintings by survivors of the blast.  You may also be interested in Dr. Yamazaki’s book, Children of the Atomic Bomb:  An American Physician’s Memoir of Nagasaki, Hiroshima, and the Marshall Islands.

Thank you, Dr. Yamazaki, for your interest and contributions to this critical subject.

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