Bartels Open Letter

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Nuclear activist John Bartels recently wrote an open letter to Senator Ron Wyden about the ongoing and grossly under-reported Fukushima disaster.

The Senator has promised to actively protect Oregon from the threat of Fukushima radioactive contamination.  Since measuring this contamination is critical to protection, John raised several questions in his letter…

Why are there only two federal air monitoring stations in Oregon, and none between Corvallis and Ukiah, California?

Why were the Oregon stations turned off after the first Fukushima discharges, and why are they still off?

Why isn’t our federal government monitoring food and soil for radioactive contamination?

These are questions I’d like answered.

If you’d like to read the whole Bartels letter, it’s on our website.  (It’s close… look down at the bottom of this page)  If you’d like answers to the questions… we still haven’t heard anything.  Please call Senator Wyden’s office directly and ask them why he has not responded.

We have Ron’s number on our website, too.  (It’s 503-326-7525)

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