Movie Night 3- “Remember the Titans”

I’m Tom Dwyer,

…inviting you to join us Thursday, February 16, as the red carpet rolls out for another episode of Tom Dwyer Movie Night.

This month, Denzell Washington stars in “Remember the Titans”.  It’s the story of two racially segregated Virginia high schools integrated in the seventies, as seen through the eyes of the school’s football team during its undefeated championship season.

“Titans” is a powerful reminder of the values of friendship and loyalty, and what we can accomplish when we see beyond superficial differences to the humanity that binds us all.

Join us every third Thursday at the S E I U Union Hall at the corner of Foster and Holgate at 6 pm for Tom Dwyer Movie Night.  Brought to you by S E I U Local 5 0 3, Economic Fairness Oregon, We Are Oregon, and Jobs With Justice.

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