Illahee Lectures 2012- Diane Ravitch

I’m Tom Dwyer,

This year the Illahee Lecture theme is “Sacred Cows”, possibly outmoded beliefs, practices, and processes people cling to as if their lives depended on them even though we live in an era characterized by an unprecedented rate of change.

If you had to rebuild our education system, what would you do?

As Assistant Secretary of Education, Diane Ravitch led the program of standardized testing, privatization, and restructuring of our schools that became known as “No Child Left Behind”…

…Now there’s a track record, and she doesn’t like it.  “Today’s school reform is a freight train,” she says, “and I’m on the tracks saying, ‘You’re going the wrong way!’”

What changed Diane’s mind?  Where should we go instead?

Please join us at an unusual venue, Lincoln High School, seven PM on Tuesday, March 20th, to hear Diane Ravitch on education.  Just follow the links on our website for all the details.

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