Veterans For Peace

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Despite Obama declaring “Mission Re-accomplished”, American soldiers are still dying in Iraq and we still have fifty thousand mercenaries there as well.  We’ve already been in Afghanistan longer than Russia was, and far from ending, we might escalate that war into Pakistan.

Enough is enough.

“Veterans for Peace” is a group that knows war firsthand.  In their words, “Experience tells us wars are easy to start, hard to stop, and that those hurt are often the innocent. Thus, other means of problem solving are necessary.”

On March 19th they will hold a rally marking the 8th anniversary of the illegal invasion of Iraq, and to show support for peaceful means of problem solving.  Follow the links from our website for more information, and on March 19th join Veterans for Peace as they march for solutions we can all live with.

From Egypt to Wisconsin people are standing up for peace and justice. Will you join us?

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