Rational Plan

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Obama’s anemic jobs plan is unlikely to pass a Tea party led House, and with the Cons staking their return to power on our continued economic failure there won’t be anything useful coming from them.

Any successful recovery plan must address the root cause of our economic crash.  An economy isn’t the money in a country, it’s the flow of money in a country.

The tired Orwellian Doublespeak of RepubliCon leadership, “you can’t tax job creators”, is at odds with reality.

Jobs disappeared when tax and trade policy began rewarding wealth for offshoring production.  Money stopped flowing in the middle class and stagnated with the richest 1 percent.  Their spending alone can’t support a consumer-based economy.

Bad tax and trade policy created this mess.   Fixing them to put money into the empty pockets of the middle class is the only way to create product demand.

Reward domestic job creation and stop rewarding the greed of stateless wealth!

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