Push Back

I’m Tom Dwyer,

I’ve received a fair amount of push back from people concerned I’ve been too tough on president Obama.

He has my one hundred percent support, but that does not include a pass for his failures.

I refuse to stay quiet as my country slides further to the right as our president continues to acquiesce to his opponents.

I didn’t vote for amity; I voted for a fight!

A fight to; restore the Constitution, install accountability for crimes against my country, begin the cessation of imperialism, support our social contracts, and to reverse thirty years of trickle-down erosion.

I don’t believe Barack Obama is some con-man who used “hope and change” as come-ons to betray the trust of millions of Americans.

But I also don’t believe he’s really a closet liberal who just needs a push to move on our agenda.

“Make me do it” he’s said!!    We elected him President to do it!  PLEASE Start fighting for us!

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